Community Feedback from October 2021 Meeting, Next Steps

On October 14, 2021, a virtual community meeting was held to unveil four conceptual plans for the redevelopment and adaptive reuse of the historic Glenn Dale Hospital campus. The planning team has consolidated the feedback received thus far – shared below, for your review and further consideration.

Glenn Dale Redevelopment Priorities Survey Responses


Conceptual Plan Preferences


Summary of Meeting Feedback

  • Preference against multi-family housing: density made some members of the community nervous, some felt multi-family brings crime
  • Appreciation for senior housing and multi-generational communities: carriage homes were received favorably as were duplexes
  • Preference for the inclusion of live/work spaces, private patios and balconies, and high-speed internet access
  • In terms of retail uses, preferences were for a daycare, grocer, and doctor’s office uses
  • Concern was shared regarding the traffic that would be generated with a higher density
  • Concern was shared regarding the school impacts – many feel schools are already at capacity
  • Appreciation for the concept of open space and historic preservation
  • Inquiries regarding the inclusion of solar panels and ‘smart home’ features
  • Of all four plans, the most preferred was the Low Intensity Plan


Response to questions submitted

A variety of excellent questions were asked during the meeting, and submitted through this website afterwards. We’ve expanded the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website to incorporate those inquiries and responses accordingly, and encourage you to review this information.


We want to hear from you

The planning team continues to seek valuable community input on the exciting future of the Glenn Dale Hospital campus. It is our continued commitment to ensure that you – our neighbors, have the opportunity to share your ideas and feedback about this redevelopment. Please contact us to share any additional thoughts or inquiries you may have. If you haven’t already done so, we also ask that you complete this brief survey regarding your planning priorities and thoughts on the four conceptual plans shared.


Didn’t get a chance to attend the latest community meeting?

A copy of the slide deck shared – including the conceptual plans, is available for your viewing. Furthermore, a recording of the community meeting is available as well. These documents may be found by visiting the History section of this website, and navigating to the Reports and Presentations column.


What happens next?

The planning team will continue assessing the feedback received, and answering community questions. This feedback will be used to further refine the conceptual plans and narrow down one ideal conceptual plan. That plan concept will then go through a review process involving elected officials, civic leaders, and historic preservation groups, followed by another public community meeting.


We thank you for taking the time to attend the recent community meeting, and for continuing to share your valuable feedback with us.